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About Us

The first port of call for all of your marine requirements
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We are a Marine Chandlery and Authorised Service Centre

We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of top-quality products and services to maritime professionals, the offshore energy industry, emergency services, and recreational boat owners, all at competitive prices.

Based on the beautiful Aberdeenshire coast in Macduff, we have a 5000ft2 chandlery, and large boat yard. As well as our shop, we also offer rental, repair and brokerage services, with expertise in Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and underwater equipment.

Our Team

The Buccaneer team is here to help


Ian MacDonald

Managing Director - Sales/Technical Support, Product Development and Forward Planning


Sandie MacDonald

Business Director - Business Development, Marketing and Financial Controller

At the helm of Buccaneer are Ian and Sandie MacDonald and their friendly crew of six, all here to find the marine solution that works best for you

Sandie and Ian met at a Christmas work-do in a nightclub in 1986 – totally bizarre as neither of them like nightclubs! Prior to Buccaneer, Sandie worked for the fire service for 11 years and Ian worked for Ferranti in Edinburgh before heading to Aberdeen to work as an Offshore Service Engineer for Kongsberg Group. On his return to dry land, he oversaw the workshop for a number of years. After 20 years at Kongsberg, Ian decided to launch his own business, parting company on very good terms and setting course for a new destination – Buccaneer! 

Meet the rest of the team


William Florence

Sales, Product Support, Retail Management


Morag McNeil

Retail & Stock Management Control, Retail Planning, Retail Customer Liaison


Isla Mitchell



Bob Clark

Customer Support, Engine Servicing (Mercury, Mariner and Honda) Rebuilds and Repairs, Vessel Maintenance


Neil Raymond

Logistics, Workshop Customer Liaison and Scheduling, Retail Support


Craig Emslie

Technical Support

Buccaneer chandlery

Our Chandlery is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Our goal is clear – to deliver the highest quality products and services, whilst guaranteeing satisfaction for all our lovely customers.

Don’t throw away your much-loved marine equipment – we may be able to breathe new life into it! Let’s protect our beautiful planet and its vast oceans by minimising waste when repair is a viable option instead of replace.

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Set your course for Buccaneer, where passion meets expertise and satisfaction casts anchor

From survey and inspection gear for uncovering weaknesses to leisure products that will ignite your sense of adventure, consider us your first port of call.

Our Story

Why Buccaneer?

Buccaneers were fearless sailors, renowned for their swashbuckling and seafaring skills.

The term "buccaneer" has since come to symbolise a spirit of adventure, boldness, and a touch of rebelliousness.

We spent some time exploring names when we set up the business and there’s an abundance of marine businesses with ‘blue’ or ‘subsea’ in the name and we wanted to be different!

We were also having a bit of fun – people might have said that people in the ROV and hire world were pirates (how dare they)! Buccaneer gives a nod to this jape, but we do have a more positive pirate-like spirit in our determination to face challenges, solve problems and learn new things.

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Equipment Rental:

In the early days, Buccaneer started off as an equipment rental company. We were the go-to destination for maritime professionals in need of reliable gear… and also support during breakdowns and unforeseen challenges.

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The Dynamic Duo:

Two pals, Ian Macdonald and Hugh Mackay, joined forces and pooled their resources to kickstart Buccaneer. With determination in their hearts, they set sail on their entrepreneurial voyage, fuelled by a shared passion for all things marine. 

1200px Kongsberg Maritime headquarters in Poland

Setting Sail:

Armed with ambition and a vision, Hugh and secured a loan from the bank. They also negotiated cross-hire support from Kongsberg, paving the way for Buccaneer to become an authorised dealer for this esteemed brand. 

Sandie macdonald

Charting New Waters:

As the business grew, the question arose: Where would Buccaneer go and what would it do next? Ian and Hugh’s intrepid wives, recognising the potential and excitement of this venture, joined the crew, bringing their expertise and dedication to the team.

Heidi fin m HC0q J7l ls unsplash

Becoming Captains:

In 2006, fate intervened, and the Mackays’ journey took on a different direction, including their departure from Buccaneer. Embracing the opportunity, Ian and Sandie bought out their partners, taking full control of the ship and steering Buccaneer towards new horizons.

Outland ROV dock

Expanding the Fleet:

With newfound independence, Buccaneer expanded its inventory, acquiring more ROVs for rental purposes. These state-of-the-art machines allowed our customers to explore the depths and carry out underwater operations with precision. 

Buccaneer hq

A New Harbour:

In 2010, Buccaneer found its ideal harbour – a larger building that would become our current headquarters. This move coincided with the opening of our new shop and service centre, offering customers a one-stop destination for all their maritime needs.  

And let's not forget the breath-taking view! From just outside the front or side of our chandlery, you can catch glimpses of playful dolphins and majestic whale sharks, while our trusty seawall and the rocks beyond shield us from the harshest waves. 


Powering Ahead:

Stepping into our shop, you'll be greeted by the sight of sturdy engines. We proudly display around 15 outboard engines, showcasing the power and reliability that drive us forward. Our approach has always been – from the early days –that when one is requested, we order two engines, gradually building our stock and ensuring we can meet the needs of our customers. This has fostered strong relationships with our suppliers, solidifying our position as an authorised dealer and service centre for leading brands in the industry.


Mastering the Seas:

At Buccaneer, we're not just retailers; we're experts in understanding how things work and being able to fix them. We've acquired a deep knowledge of marine technology and possess the expertise to provide top-notch service and support. When you choose Buccaneer, you're not just buying products, you're gaining access to a team ready to guide you through the incredible, calm, choppy, splashy, saily, teeming-with-life, fun, beautiful, scenic, welcoming, harsh, unexplored, much-loved, important and integral-to-our planet intricacies of the maritime world!

Buccaneer now

Buccaneer Now

So there you have it – our voyage from its humble beginnings in equipment rental to becoming a trusted and well-respected authority in the maritime industry. 

We're the main ROV supplier for Blue Robotics and Outland Technology in the UK

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